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Help us raise funds for camp scholarships for Gallatin Naz kids and youth! Gather your team, choose your time slot, and escape!

What are Escape Rooms? Escape Rooms are a 60-minute, live-action game in a themed environment! Your team of 2-8 players race against the clock to find hidden keys, solve puzzles to open boxes and new areas to explore! Anyone ages 10 and up can play and have a blast!

Suggested Donation: $10 per person

The Rooms:


Two weeks ago, the Queen of England's Crown Jewel was stolen from her Tower of London by the infamous pirate captain, Captain Bartholomew Roberts. You have been hired by the Queen to infiltrate his secret pirate lair, retrieve the Crown Jewel and escape! However, Captain Bartholomew's cave is monitored once on the hour every hour. If you have not escaped with the Crown Jewel in one hour, you'll be caught by one of the pirate guards!  Can you retrieve the Crown Jewel and escape in time?


A local archaeologist, Professor Alathea Woods has studied Egypt all her life. Last week, Professor Woods announced she had made the discovery of a lifetime. But before she could say more, she mysteriously vanished. Now you have 60 minutes to enter her study, discover what happened to Professor Woods, and also see if you can avoid the Fate of the Pharaoh. Can you escape in time?

Click on a Room below to see available times and sign up!

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